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M&A Outside Of The Tech Industry With Charlie Burckmyer

November 14, 2020 Charlie Burckmyer of Culligan International Season 2 Episode 6
The Uncovered Podcast
M&A Outside Of The Tech Industry With Charlie Burckmyer
Show Notes

Episode Summary:
On episode 6, Matt and Rob speak with Charlie Burckmyer, Director of M&A and Corporate Development at Culligan International.  We learn more about how an M&A deal looks at a company with over 80 years of delivering water filtration & softener products.  Charlie discusses the types of companies Culligan looks to acquire and how that has changed over the years, new technologies emerging within the industry, how acquisition sizes and valuations differ from traditional software companies and the key skills to have to follow a career path to corporate development. 

What is Uncovered: 

  • How the corporate development team is structured at Culligan 
  • Details on Charlie’s role & the type of work he focuses on 
  • Why deals may fall apart and the importance and value of your word 
  • How Culligan thinks about acquisitions and the type of new technologies within water filtration and softening that have impacted the way they think about M&A
  • The type of acquisition sizes and valuations a company like Culligan looks at compared to those that VCs and other firms are looking at with tech companies 
  • How Culligan focuses on high quality teams with high quality products to become satellites of Culligan rather than doing heavy integration 

Learn More About:

Charlie Burckmyer:
Charlie Burckmyer serves Director for Culligan International’s global Corporate Development team, a role he’s held since early 2017. Charlie joined Culligan from JMC, a middle-market Private Equity fund based in Boston. He began his principal investing career in 2008 following a successful early career in sales leadership. He and his family live on the North Shore of Boston.

Culligan International:
Water touches everything in your home. For over 80 years, Culligan Water has been making that water cleaner, soft, and delicious for your friends, neighbors, and probably even your grandparents. Culligan Water provides the best in water softening and filtration technology. Let’s see what Culligan Water can do for your home. You could give your people Culligan Water. 

This episode was recorded on September 17th, 2020